Curious to know how much more revenue your eCommerce business could be making?  

This calculator will determine the potential return on investment (ROI) you could realise by optimising your current onsite search engine with an advanced onsite search tool for eCommerce.

This calculator is based on five years worth of actual customer data, gathered by Sooqr Search. Your potential ROI-outcome is based on the average results seen by customers who actively use the Sooqr onsite search tool within their website, in combination with inbound marketing. Your actual results may vary from the calculated ROI-score.

Discover the potential of 

Advanced Onsite Search for eCommerce

Invest in a great onsite search engine for your online business: 

  • Ultimate speed: relevant results within milliseconds, even with >100k products
  • Instant optimised onsite search for your visitor with the highest relevance, always the best match first in the results
  • Extended filtering, sorting and promotional options
  • Instant error tolerance within queries
    ('ifoon' changes to iPhone automatically)
  • Extensive search statistics, that help understand your customers’ needs better
  • >50% more conversion through advanced and optimised onsite search

Searching visitors are buyers, but they 

need to find what they're looking for, first.

Ranking Rules

The easy way of telling Sooqr which products matter most to you


Jeans? Trousers? Denim? Adding synonyms increases findability and conversion 

Full Support

Our support team makes sure that everything works as its supposed to

Some of Sooqr unique conversion-boosting features

Filter Rules

Narrow down your customers' search even more: base filters upon filters

Ultimate Speed

Relevant results as soon as the first keystroke is being made

Any Device

Mobile, tablet & desktop: Sooqr will always work, regardless the device

Error tolerant

'Ifoon' automatically turns into 'iPhone',
'tshirt' into 't-shirt'

Zero-hit management

Keep track of the 'queries without results', to understand your customers 

Self learning

The results-ranking will improve automatically

Coming soon: brand new interface, AI, visual & voice search!

What our customers say about Sooqr

'I'm very pleased. Within 6 months of using Sooqr, our conversion rate on search increased by 20% & the revenue with 40%!'

Marcel Kieselstein

‘Sooqr Search is a great and easy-to-use tool that considerably increased our conversion on search: up to 400%!’

Davey Visser

Easy plugins for eCommerce

Looking for a hassle-free site search engine? With our plugins for Magento, Shopware, Woocommerce and OpenCart, you don't need any technical skills or a developer to implement our onsite search. Sooqr plugins are easy to set up and completely free! Just install, start your signup and we'll have it up and running asap! 


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Sooqr can run on any (eCommerce) platform. All we need is your data feed.

Boost your conversion rate and improve your onsite search experience.

Visitors will never buy what they can't find. With Sooqr, they will, and then some extra. Advanced, optimised, instant and relevant onsite search: boosting findability, revenue, order value and conversion rates!

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